The Sri Gavigangadareshwara Swamy Temple is located in Basavanagudi region of Bangalore. The Shree Gavigangadharaswara Swamy Temple is one of the few ancient cave temples in India. With many features, the architectural design of this ancient temple is very impressive, at the Gavigangadhareshwara Temple in Bangalore every year on the ‘Makar Sankrati Day’ sun rays pass through the horn of Nandi before the and touches the Shiva Linga. Thousands of pilgrims come from faraway places to see this view. The history of the temple is that Gautama Maharshi celebrated this temple in the cave temple, which is popularly known as ‘Swayambhu’.

Location Mythology states that the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also known as the Gautama Field. The temple is dedicated to the Gautama Maharshi and the Bharatwajas in the cave that surrounds the sanctum sanctorum. On the way there are also idols of Brahma, Brahma, Maheshwari, Varahi, Chamundi, Vaishnavi and Sridevi, and idols of ‘Bhaddevi’. It is one of the specialties of Shiva Lingam, which has a legend of around 20,000 years.

Parvati on the right side of Lord Shiva

Another special, Parvati Devi is sitting on the right side of Lord Shiva. The vast courtyard of this temple is very rare and very beautiful. The most beautiful and scenic temple is the Mandapam with 14 pillars of Vijayanagara style on the front. Among these are ‘Two sunburns’, ‘Damaruga’ and ‘pillars of trishul’ that are worth the glory of this temple. There are two tunnels in the cave temple and one tunnel is believed to go to Kashi, Vishwanath. Goes to Shivagang on another Tumkur road. Special pujas are held here on Mondays and Shivaratri days of Kartika month. There is also a ‘music and dance fountain’ at the Thimeshaprabhu Gardens, which is adjacent to the temple. After 7pm every Sunday, people come from all over the place to see ‘dancer’ here.

‘Surya Rushmi’ on ‘Makar Sankranti Day’

According to history, Magadi Kempe Gowda took up the process of rebuilding the temple. The Avaniipat is located near the Gosai Math. One of the attractions of the hill is the lunar cruises, peanuts and dams. There is a belief that there is no blessing here for those who are disaffected. So, this place is very famous.


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