Curry leaves are not limited to cooking. Its role is important in giving tens of healthy benefits to the human body.

Those suffering from acidity (‘Acidity’) should be mixed with a spoon of coconut tree bark in water.

Putting fresh juice from fresh leaves of curry leaves can be prevented by eye circulation (the need to be careful when preparing juice, cleanliness is important.)

Curry leaves are good if importing is different. * Those who have diabetes should eat chutneys of curry leaves.

Curry oil is used to stop hair loss, hair becomes dark and lush.

Curry is very helpful for hair to grow lush and prevent premature neighbors. If you do not want to eat it, you can roast the curry leaves and eat it with dosa.

It is best to boil the oil with a little curry leaves and apply oil to the head.

Due to the fever, consumption of curry leaves leads to thirst and warmth.

Easy-to-do-should-be-eaten curry leaf (10 to 20) in an empty spoon every morning.

The curry leaf daily consumes weight loss.

Those suffering from the hemorrhoids should eat curry leaves of the curry leaves in honey.


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