The Indian Air Force has given an unanswered answer to Pakistan today in response to a suicide bombing on Pakistani-inspired Indian heroes on February 14. There are also a lot of praise in social media. It’s an unforgettable day that can not be missed. So here’s what we can tell you about where our proud Prime Minister Modi Zee was and when he did this surgical strike …

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji stayed at the prime minister’s office at 3.30 am and received the PIN-to-Pin information on the surgical strike from midnight. Narendra Modi, who had been receiving momentary information on the moment, was fostering Indian soldiers.

The Prime Minister’s Office moved out of office after Narendra Modi’s attack on Jai, who had been sitting in his office almost entirely on the war. At this time Modi was accompanied by National Security Advisor Ajit Dhawal, and the Air Force chief oversaw the operation.


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