The breathtaking curse of the brave warriors who pelted stones at the Pulwam suicide bomber today dumped the dead at 3.30 am on Friday morning. In the lightning operation of the Indian soldiers, the hideouts of the sinners are Uddas. More than 300 papal militants have died.

Balakot, Muzaffarabad, and three control rooms of the Jashish terrorist organization in Chakoti have been completely demolished.

The Indian Army made a surgical strike yesterday. The bombs were rained on terror camps across the LOC. This is a supernatural attack.

12 militants, 2000 jet plenons and a 1,000 kg bomb attack the terrorists’ campin. The Pakistani military has revealed the photos of these attacks.

This has been highly appreciated by Social Media. And the Indian Army has won the fear of terrorizing these Surgical Strike militants. Millions of people are excited about this.


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