Yes, everybody does not get into the hands of one of the least defective man, but it is a success if we stop that deficit. Manjunath Rangappa is recognizing his achievement as a way to get it done. If you ask me what such a great accomplishment is, then read this story as a complete

Yes, Manjunath Rangappa Gurudi only reads the tenth class but his achievement is Rabakavi in ​​Belagi Taluk of Bagalkot district. They have no own land, no matter what they are working on, and not much. I’m not sure if I’m going to go to school and go to town and work. Money is not going to leave him so I thought he’d be in town and hence it would be too hard to move on. That’s what he did for this achievement. Yes, it is difficult for me to continue to achieve something.

Similarly, Manjunath had a lot of thought about cow’s milk. He decided to make the same cask, since cow farming has been practiced since ancient times. In 2004, he bought a cow for a loan of Rs 18,000. He was not able to take the paddy grass to his own, but grazed the grass (waste) grass on the sides of their fields and brought the grass here and fed it. This gave them a basis for one life.

If we need to step up the success we need to climb the difficult steps first and then we will get the stairs of success. Similarly, God has given Manjunath the fruit of his work. So their dairy, which began with a cow, is today 12 cows.

The cows are well-maintained and healthy, so their cows have developed their offspring without the cow’s claws on the other side. Although Manjunath stepped into new technologies, he was also getting good returns as it changed.

His family also helps them so they do not even steal any of them. This will also reduce the cost of money, and they will be doing well with all modern technologies. This gives the cows about 60 liters of milk every day. They earn up to a thousand per day. And the monthly monetary benefit is 30,000 rupees.

Many of these organizations have honored this achievement. And have experienced their experiences with others as a resource person at many farmer training centers in the state. From the village to Delhi, literally a true friend. He was a good witness to Manjunath Rangappa Gurudi. Manjunath’s father, Rangappa, is bringing a gray lime twice every day, even at this age. Son’s father’s shadow is not always shadow …


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