Now the fruit is very rarely to get rid of the drugs and cut the pieces from the plants and injection the drug to make it fruit. Doing so will not affect the health of our health when we eat fruit so that the fruit is itself or artificially fruited.

When you buy any fruit, first look at the color of the fruit and if the fruits are the same, they need to know if they have a chemical medication. Of course, if they are ripe, there is no yellow pepper.

There is ash on artificial fruits. If banana is artificial, it is possible to see the Banana fruit bark and banana if it is green and it is artificial.

The fruit is not attractive to vegetables or vegetables. If fruit vegetables are too fresh, do not cheat. They have forced the human to make fruit. By eating such a vegetable fruit, a man falls into a lot of illnesses.

Consider as much as possible to buy fruit vegetables and maintain your health as much as possible.


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